In 2008 the company extended its offer of cotton scarves ( B01 - 70x70 cm in the traditional pattern ). These scarves are manufactured in classic designs like cashmere, polka dots, floral patterns, and others according to our customer´s requirements.

All products are made of 100 % cotton, undergoing demanding attestation for material quality and colour stability within the standard EKO-TEX 100. Šátek hlavový - vzor puntík modrý; rozměr 70x70 cm ( kód B 01)

Plain and decorative

A scarf is a practical subject of daily use, a clothing accessory and an aid that primarily serves as a neck, or a headgear or possibly as a decoration.

In the new collection of scarves sets excel, besides quality of processed material, modern and fresh colours.

In 2017, the range of products was expanded by children´s scarves( B02 - 55x55cm ). In addition to traditional spotted designs, the navy motifs, which are a popular accessory especially during the summer months, can also be found in our offer.

The permanent offer of designs and colours versions


Head scarf - dot pattern, color: black, red, blue; Size 70x70 cm ( code B01 )Head scarf - cashmere pattern, color: black, red, blue, green; Size 70x70 cm ( code B01 )Head scarf - flowers pattern, color: black, red, blue, green, white-red, white-blue; Size 70x70 cm ( code B01 )


Childrens scarf - navy pattern, color: red, blue; Size 55x55 cm ( code B02 )Childrens scarf - cashmere pattern, color: black,blue, red, white; Size 55x55 cm ( code B02 )Childrens scarf - pattern dot, color: black,blue, red, green, yellow; Size 55x55 cm ( code B02 )

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