Handkerchiefs can be designated as one of the most versatile accessoriesd without any exaggeration.

It is the basic tool used for personal hygiene wheter it be cleaning the nose in case of colds, covering the mouth when coughing, wiping the sweat or wiping the corners of the mouth while eating. Handkerchiefs serve well also in the case of minor contamination of clothing during social events.

As Ladislav Špaček, the doyen in the field of social behaviour, states in his book (The Great Book of Etiquette): "Handkerchiefs in the breast pocket are one of few accesories that reveal the individuality and self-confidence of man in society." Ibid: "The choice of colour and pattern is entirely on the taste of a man, not depending on the tie, shirt or the jacket, no rule exists, and the only goal is harmony. Another traditional attribute of handkerchiefs is the function of fashion accessories. The handkerchief is without exaggeration an elegant dot of the overal appearance of the true gentleman.

Handkerchief as a gift?

Every person in his/her life has certainly been in a situation when he/she needed to give a present to a loved one or an acquaintance and could not figure out what to purchase for him/her. If you need an unusual gift, not too expensive and still fully usable, a gift that makes someone happy, the handkerchief is the right choice. Recently, companies have used handkerchiefs as presents. If the box is provided with a logo or handkerchief is embroidered or hand printed, the company acquires a truly representative means for its presentation.

Last but not least, a more traditional function of handkerchiefs should be mentioned - the social one. Not having a handkerchief on hand and available immediately in a situation when an accident happens to a lady is a social faux pas. There is no need to talk about the inadmissibility of wiping sweat with a sleeve at social events.

Due the worsening global climate the subject of ecology is resounding in society more and more. Certainly, there is no need to argue if more enviromentally friendly way is using cloth handkerchiefs, which will last to the owner for many years, or tissues for single use - paper ones. A modern man, ecologically minded, inevitably chooses traditional cloth handkerchiefs.

According to the function, which should a handkerchief fulfil to its owner, people choose the quality, colour and especially the method of packaging the handkerchiefs. For commercial purposes it is sufficient to purchase handkerchiefs in polybags, for gift and representation purposesit it is preferable to choose handkerchiefs adjusted in boxes.

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