Luxury handkerchiefs for men

  • perfect quality
  • 100% cotton

Luxury handkerchiefs for men

  • perfect quality
  • 100% cotton

Luxury handkerchiefs for men

  • perfect quality
  • 100% cotton

Luxury handkerchiefs for women

  • perfect quality
  • 100% cotton

Luxury scarves for men

  • perfect quality
  • 100% viscose

ETEX Hořice s.r.o. - export and import of luxury scarves and handkerchiefs

The latest collections of handkerchiefs and scarves for different seasons are displayed twice a year at international trade fairs Styl & Kabo in Brno, Ptak Fashion Fair in Warszawa (Poland) and at other fairs in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. In the past the company regularly exhibited at the International Fair Rostextil in Moscow. The collections contain all kinds of handkerchiefs and scarves, from the lower price categories to luxury ones. The offer is being significantly expanded according to the customers´ requirements.

All products are made from 100% cotton, undergoing demanding attestation for material quality and colour stability within the standard EKO-TEX100.

In the second half of 2015 the existing assortment will be extended by luxury scarves made from 100% viscose. In our offer there will be options for both winter period and spring or autumn period.

The company is also involved in The System of Associated Performance EKO-KOM.

The company owns necessary certificates for export to Russia.


For limited and regular subscriptions, we provide agreed amount rebates with agreed maturity dates.

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The Czech firm ETEX Hořice s.r.o. puts on the market textile handkerchiefs and scarves that serve virtually but are also a fashion accessory and a touch of an elegant personality look. The company has been fully engaged in this product range since 1997. In this relatively short time, it has successfully established itself with its products on the domestic and foreign markets.

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